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2017-09-27 16:24  

Prof. Masakazu ANPO
Fuzhou University, Special Honor Professor,
-State Key Laboratory of Photocatalysis on Energy and Environment (ex-Dean of International College)
Osaka Prefecture University,
-Emeritus Professor (ex-Vice President & Executive Director, Advisor to President)

Research Area: Chemical Intermediates, Photocatalysis on Energy and Environment, Hybridization of Artificial Photosynthesis, Natural Photosynthesis

Research Exprience:
Prof. M. ANPO is presently the International Advisor of the State Key Laboratory of Photocatalysis on Energy and Environment, Fuzhou University in China after retirement of Osaka Prefecture University (end of March in 2015) where he worked for 40 years and served as Dean of Graduate School of Engineering (Faculty of Engineering), Vice President and Executive Director, the Director of the R&D Center for Plant Factory, etc. and Advisor to President for last 10 years. He is a pioneer in the research of photochemical reactions on solid surfaces including catalysts and has published the first book in this field, “Photocatalysis” in 1988 from Asakura-shoten. An English book, “Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces” was published in 1989 from Elsevier. Until today, he has published more than 110 scientific books in English.  Dr. Anpo has published over 530 original papers, being cited more than 32,500 times.  His dream is the establishment of “Solar Chemistry” as a new environmentally-friendly science and technology. Especially, he has an interest in the hybridization of artificial photosynthesis (photocatalysis) and natural photosynthesis. The hybridization of a visible light-responsive TiO2 thin film photocatalyst and natural photosynthesis of green plants in artificial light (LED)-type plant factory leads to an efficient H2 production from water involving biomasses as well as a rapid production of clean and safe vegetables by effective utilization of sunlight energy.